Pedal Bike Tours Hawaii – A Fresh Way to Sightsee on Oahu

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It seems the most popular way to explore Oahu is via tour bus. Those giant, double-decker vans enclosed with tinted windows and carpeted aisles. You sit for hours on end and look out your window as the world passes by, enjoying a comfortable yet removed sightseeing experience of the island. So for those who want activity and leisure combined with more involvement in the adventure, let me be the first to introduce you to Pedal Bike Tours Hawaii.

Born out of the active and interesting culture of Portland, Oregon, Pedal Bike Tours initially aimed to offer guests a local perspective of the city. The scenic areas, history, beer tasting and general culture of Portland seemed best viewed via bicycle, since it allowed a leisurely cruise through side streets and bike paths, and was doable for people of all fitness and age levels. Company owner Todd Roll and other compatriots considered themselves local experts on the Portland scene, therefore the best guide any visitor could hope for. And thus, Pedal Bike Tours was created.

With six years under their belt, Pedal Bike Tours has finally reached Hawaii.
This expansion had been in the works for three years, since Todd has family on Oahu and brings his wife and kids to the island regularly. After getting a feel for Oahu and recognizing all the bike paths and quieter sections of the city, Pedal Bike Tours Hawaii was created and is now based out of the lobby at Queen Kapiolani Hotel in Honolulu. Opening doors this past February 2014, business is already beginning to grow.

What sets this bike tour company apart from the rest is, well pretty much everything. Most bike tours are targeted to provide a more extreme experience, like downhill or mountain biking, for the experienced or avid bicyclist. Pedal Hawaii is geared to offer easy yet active tours for anyone of any level and any age. Since they’ve designed tours on the quieter streets away from the cars and crowds, the adventure is relaxing and safe yet exciting.

Pedal Bike Tours is reaching out to the novice cyclists who just want a little exercise and a lot of sightseeing, plus an up-close-and-personal adventure with the landmarks of the city and your guide. The bicycle is simply the vehicle for exploring the island in a unique way, and Pedal Hawaii strives to create mellow cruises rather than extreme biking.

Each tour guide employed by Pedal Hawaii is native to the island of Oahu and knows the ins and outs of both the city and country. While owner Sam Haffner has trained these employees on specific routes, they’ve in turn provided insight into the local culture and off-the-beaten-path landmarks. As a guest on this tour, you’ll receive personalized service from your guide, plus details, information and interesting tidbits on the history, culture and customs of Hawaii.

Cruise past iconic points of interests like the Iolani Palace, Kamehameha statue, Chinatown, the state capitol and more, and get to see and explore real Honolulu. This Hidden Honolulu tour spans about ten miles in three hours and takes advantage of the bike lanes and quieter sections of the city.

This tour, plus the Explore the North Shore tour are the two adventures currently being offered through Pedal Bike Tours Hawaii. The Explore the North Shore tour is basically a circle island tour of Oahu with a fun and mellow ride along the tropical bike path. Travel in a comfortable van up the east side and stop off at locations like the Pali Lookout and Chinaman’s Hat for some great photo opps or to simply stretch your legs.

Once you reach the North Shore, you’ll hop on bikes and cruise past the infamous beaches and breaks of Oahu, like Sunset and Pipeline. Afterwards, you can either bike into Haleiwa (approximately 5 miles) or jump on the van and cruise into the charming town where you’ll enjoy lunch at famous Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. Lastly, guests can enjoy a refreshing dip in the waters of a secluded North Shore beach, or pick up the pace with a little more biking action to end the day. This tour spans anywhere from 5 to 15 miles of mostly flat terrain and is a seven-hour excursion from start to finish.

Another point that sets this company apart from the rest is their versatility. You can find bikes of all sizes for kids and adults of all ages, including attachments like kids trailers, tag-alongs and event iBerts, which are top-of-the-line baby bike seats. Pedal Hawaii also has tandem bicycles for couples and they offer their full range of equipment for rent as well, just in case you want to tour on your own. Both the Honolulu and North Shore tours include a bike, helmet, tour guide and water in the price, and the North Shore tour also includes lunch in Haleiwa and snacks in the van.

These two tours offer a variety of sightseeing on Oahu, and if you’re new to the island you might want to invest in experiencing both. On the horizon for Pedal Hawaii is rumor of a short Diamond Head ride and a Kailua tour, so be sure to stay tuned! If you’re looking for a new way to cruise Oahu and sightsee, Pedal Bike Tours Hawaii is a fantastic option and a unique way to explore Hawaii. Jump on a bike and venture through the quieter, lesser-known parts of Oahu, no spandex required.


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