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Internet shopping for Hawaii Vacations is bad for your health

The title is really to get your attention. After doing the podcast on “over shopping the Internet” I felt the need to vent a little bit more about this topic.

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Common Airline Comfort Tips For Hawaii

There are a number of ways make your flight to Hawaii more enjoyable. Here are some common airline provided by the airlines: Chew gum, yawn, or suck on...

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Free or almost free stuff to do in Hawaii

Hiking, performances and some attractions and services are free or almost free. These activities are available all year around that can make an otherwise budget-busting vacation affordable without feeling destitute.

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Getting married on Oahu

Getting married on Oahu Are you planning on getting married on Oahu? If so, the Honolulu Marriage License Office is open only during normal business hours, but not...

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10 Money Saving Tips for flying to Hawaii

Here are 10 money saving tips for flying to Hawaii that apply to most flights, especially domestic flights like to Hawaii that will make the fares cheaper from the beginning.