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Hawaii’s Love of SPAM

With the start of the Internet and undesired bulk e-mail messages, “Spam” took on a new meaning. In Hawaii, this magical mystery meat never lost its relevance. Island residents eat… Read More

History of the Merrie Monarch Festival

Every year in Hilo on the Big Island, there a week long prestigious hula competition called the Merrie Monarch Festival. It is the Olympics of hula. This year it will… Read More

Diamond Head – Full of Diamonds?

One of the most recognizable landmarks on Oahu is Diamond Head. Visible from an airplane and most of Waikiki, Diamond Head has been used in movies and international television commercials… Read More

Duke Kahanamoku – Hawaiian Surfing Legend

Driving in the bustle of downtown Honolulu, it is hard to imagine over 100 years ago one of the best watermen on the planet lived on the busy corner of… Read More

Hawaii Shave Ice – Fun Local Tradition

On the mainland they are called “snow cones,” in Puerto Rico “piragua” but here in Hawaii we know it as “shave ice.” This is one fun treat that is worth… Read More

Exploring Manoa Valley

Located on Oahu, Manoa is a residential valley neighborhood. It is approximately 3 miles inland from downtown, close to Waikiki and Ala Moana. While it may not be on the… Read More