On-Demand Black Car Service in Honolulu

Speed blur of Honoulu traffic during sunset hour
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Does Honolulu need a private car service?

In my opinion, no. But a San Francisco-based startup thinks we do. Uber helps people on Oahu find a driver through its mobile app. Make a request for pick up, and the app lets you know the ETA. Don’t worry about having cash, since Uber charges your credit card automatically.

Convenient, yes. Cheap, not really. In comparison to other modes of transport on Oahu (including TheBus or a cab), Uber can cost almost double. For instance, its base fare is about $7 with $3.90 per mile and $0.80 per minute. A taxi starts at $3.80 with $3.20 a mile and $0.53 per minute. You can do the math.

So far, I haven’t seen much advertisement for this private car service; other than, a news article on it and well, sleek black cars. Apparently, the company hopes to target the visiting demographics and not so much residents. Therefore, you just may be familiar with Uber’s services from where you come from. For you, it may be the greatest gift to gridlock traffic.

But in Hawaii, I still don’t think it is necessary…unless, you are a celebrity or just looking for a thrill? Otherwise, opt for cheaper and rent a bike or take TheBus!


• Private car service in 30-plus cities including Honolulu • https://www.uber.com/cities/honolulu