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Olive Garden may soon wash ashore Hawaii’s dining scene. The national restaurant chain has been “seriously” eyeing out the islands as its next location, according to Pacific Business News. More specifically, it is looking at West Oahu and Honolulu.

This may not be a huge deal for everyone. I’ve heard mixed reviews by friends who live on the mainland, claiming it’s a so-so eatery, while others, like me, love the bottomless bread baskets and salads they offer. It’s become somewhat of a novelty to eat at Olive Garden when we’re on the mainland, as we always manage to work it into our trip’s itinerary and – therefore – our stomachs.

According to the PBN article, Olive Garden plans to open both Hawaii locations at the same time, as opposed to just one at a time. I’m assuming the reported “West Oahu” site would be in Kapolei, as that’s become a major hot spot for national chains, like Target. But no firm details just yet. The Honolulu site would be much closer for visitors staying in Waikiki.

I could see Olive Garden doing really well in Hawaii. If it’s anything like The Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki, they’ll be booming with business during all hours of the day. The Cheesecake Factory had once been a non-Hawaii business that us, Hawaii people, salivated over. That’s until it opened up a location in Waikiki several years ago. Today, it seems the hype for their food and specialty cheesecakes has not yet rubbed off, as it’s always packed with hungry Hawaii customers.

Until we hear more about Olive Garden’s plans, I’ll continue to drool over the thought of buttery bread baskets and tasty homestyle Italian dishes…

Photo Courtesy: Olive Garden Facebook Fanpage


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