Obama’s Winter White House

The Obamas pose for annual photo
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Christmas in Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without the buzz of Obama in town. He and his family spend the holidays at a Kailua vacation home that many have dubbed Obama’s Winter White House.

And while it’s never quite a snowy winter in Hawaii, the First Family look forward to sun and surf for some holiday enjoyment. During past vacations, he has been spotted walking Kailua Beach with his daughters and even bodysurfing at a popular shore break. However, a trip to Hawaii would not be complete without a stop for shave ice! Snowbama, anyone?

Even if you do not spot Obama during your vacation in Hawaii, his presence during the holidays will be known. That’s because of the heightened security and frequent traffic build ups. Military blockades and security checkpoints go up in residential areas, while Navy seals and Coast Guards patrol the bay fronting his vacation rental. As you can tell, Kailua can be quite busy during the holidays.

Obviously, there’s not much residents or visitors can do about the extra security or added burden to their daily lives. He’s the President of the United States, after all! Most just deal with it, while others avoid Kailua completely. Tourists might do the opposite, immersing themselves in the heart of the city for a chance to see Obama.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s a memorable one!

Photo Courtesy: Wiki Commons