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Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting in random bouts of traffic during Obama’s Hawaiian vacation. The first family’s motorcade has been known to cause quite a standstill on the roads; after all, he is the President of the United States, so he needs to be protected.

For the most part, the media lets us know ahead of time their arrival and departure from the islands, so that’s helpful when it comes to planning our routes. However, I do not recall the first family’s arrivals causing too much traffic on the roadways since they usually fly into Hickam Airforce Base at midnight when hardly anyone’s on the road.

But it’s those day trips to the beach or to the golf course that can cause some frustration for motorists. The first family’s whereabouts will most likely not be disclosed to the public – for obvious reasons – so we pretty much find out that the President’s en route – when we are, too. In the past, freeways have been shut down for up to several hours.

I give credit to the Kailua residents living near the Obama vacation home. Every year since the President has been in office, the locals have dealt with barricades, security checkpoints and temporary secret service stations. In addition, maritime security zones take effect in sections of Kailua Bay and the canal near Kailuana Loop. Beach-goers know to stay out of the areas marked off with bright-colored buoys and booms.

It’s no doubt exciting when the President is in town, but with it, comes a few downsides. Downsides that we, the public, have no control over, so it is best to be as patient as possible. Try not to let the surprise traffic jam ruin your mood or your fun.


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