Not Cookie Butter But Aloha Butter

A jar of Aloha Butter peanut butter on a shelf
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I love peanut butter; so much so, that I can track down its scent from the other side of a farmers market. Or at least when the vendor’s waving a spoonful of it in front of our noses.

Turns out, it wasn’t just any ‘ole peanut butter. It was coconut peanut butter made right here in Hawaii and using all local ingredients. Two of my favorite things into one wonderful concoction…until, I caught a glimpse of the banana macadamia peanut butter, and I knew I needed to have that in my kitchen.

The guy at the table was super nice, and let us try the other flavors, like mango and mac nut. At the other end of the table, it looked like the chocolate peanut butter had already sold out, which made me think of the Trader Joe’s cookie butter craze for some reason. Also at the end of the table? Honey! Mango, lilikoi and lehua, so good.

Aloha Spreads can be found at most farmers markets on Oahu, as well as online. They ship to anywhere in the U.S., and for orders over $75, the shipping is free. They also offer kamaaina and military discounts.

As for bringing the goods back home with you? My friends visiting from Vegas bought a few bottles of peanut butter. I suggested they pack it in their check-in bag, since we all know what happens to the souvenirs over three-ounces…


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