New App Showcases Kauai’s Beaches

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Every Hawaiian Island should have an app like the Kauai Beach Guide. It provides a wealth of information on Kauai’s beaches that can be conveniently found at one go-to place. And most importantly, it makes trips to these beaches that much safer for visitors.

There’s a lot packed into this new iPhone app, including information on the beach’s location, activities, weather, history and marine life. I personally like the color-coded feature, which designates a level of safety for each beach, so now visitors will know which beaches are safe for children.

The fully-interactive GPS-enabled map is also easy to navigate. Users can touch each pin on the map to find out more about that place. This includes reports on the weather and surf. Photos also give users a better idea of what the spot looks like.

The “Aloha Info” section will be especially important for visitors because it serves as a mini guide of general information. Of course, one of the most common questions I get from family visitors is: “Where can I see turtles?” This section of the app tells users about the marine life that can be found at each beach and even gives a bit of Hawaiian history.

Perhaps that shoreline access map we recently told you about could be modeled after this app. Right now, it seems very bare with information. Both this map and the Kauai app could use a public forum of sorts, where beach-goers are able to give their two-cents on the beach. Even locals can chime in.

KAUAI BEACH GUIDE APP • Available on iTunes (99-cents) for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch


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