Movie Fanatics Seek $6 Movies at Ward

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Travelers on a budget love Hawaii because there are so many things to do for free (going to the beach, hiking, watching the sunset). They seek out deals that can give them the most bang for their buck, like $6 movies at Ward Theatres.

Every Tuesday, Ward offers $6 movies no matter the time of day. That’s a substantial discount since non-matinees may cost up to $11 per ticket. We just found out about this recently-launched movie program and took full advantage of it – seeing “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” Great flick, by the way.

Before this, we used to go to the $6 movies at Dole on Tuesdays; however, Ward is closer to home for us. I’m sure tourists staying in Waikīkī would agree that going to Ward is much more convenient than going to Dole. Save on time, commute and money.

In addition to cheaper tickets, Ward sells $1 hot dogs and $2 popcorn to movie-goers. You just need to flash your Extras card, which is free of charge and given to anyone who purchases a $6 movie. It’s no surprise, however, that the portions will also be significantly smaller, LOL. Smallest hot dog I’ve ever seen! But even if you get two, you end up spending way less than if you got the jumbo ones.

I would suggest seeing the night movies, and taking advantage of the warm sunny weather during the day. Night activities can be limited, especially if you’re traveling with children who can’t necessarily get into 21-and-older spots. Going to the movies would be the perfect solution for that.


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