Mission Impossible on Lanai

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There’s was talk of actor Tom Cruise buying land on the sleepy island of Lanai, where he’d build a huge mansion on a multimillion-dollar estate. Luckily, it’s just a rumor. For him to purchase land on the Pineapple Isle would truly be a “mission impossible.”

Why? Because billionaire Larry Ellison already bought almost all the land! The rumors started with a National Enquirer article that quoted unnamed “insiders” about the actor’s plans to knock down homes and build a mansion for him and his daughter. The sources estimated the grand total to be about $25 million. Gossipcop.com confirmed with Cruise’s agent that it was, in deed, a rumor and that the Top Gun star has no intentions of buying land in Hawaii.

When you’re not familiar with the situation or reading about it from thousands of miles away, it’s difficult to decipher between what’s fact and what’s fiction. A friend asking me if this Cruise rumor was true prompted me to write about it for the blog. There’s no way the people of Lanai – or of the state, for that matter – would stand for such nonsense. Well, without a fight anyway. Plus,

What’s not a rumor, however, is that Ellison has already been hard at work planning for an ultra-luxury eco-resort – modeled after the Kona Village resort. This would make it the third luxury hotel on the island. Manele Bay and the Lodge at Koele are the other two.

If you’re wondering, the locals – so far – seem quite pleased with Ellison’s eco-friendly plans. Lets hope he sticks to his word and does some good for the island and the state of Hawaii.


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