Maui Men Take On Mustache Championship

Black & White clip art in the shape of a mustache
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I mustache you a question. Did you know that there’s such a thing as a national mustache and beard contest?

A contest that a group of guys from Maui (with some fine facial flare) won big at. They showed up to the New Orleans championship with confidence and neatly-groomed staches. From a Hungarian mustache to a musketeer beard, the men were ready for a very hairy time.

Judges at the 4th annual National Beard and Moustache Championships must have been really impressed with the hair of Hawaii. Each guy from Maui walked away with a silver medal. In fact, this was the second medal for Lahaina’s Ross Steidel. Last year, he took home the gold!

A little bit of Aloha abroad for your reading pleasure… Because the contest took place in New Orleans, you can bet there were parades, parties, beads – except the only thing the men flashed were their fancy facial hair.

It seems the whole world has become infatuated with the stache. You’ll see prints of them on t-shirts, coffee mugs and birthday parties. Like many other parties, my nephew’s first birthday party was themed around mustaches, too.

Look for these very hairy guys on Maui and see if they’ll “shave” you a picture with them.