Malasadas at Agnes’ Bakery

Storefront of Agnes Bake Shop in Kailua
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If you’re craving malasadas on the windward side of Oahu and too lazy to drive to Leonard’s, head to Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop. Many customers know the Kailua bakery for these piping-hot, little pastries rolled in sugary goodness. Others know it for their fresh loaves of bread.

Whatever it may be, Agnes’ has been a mainstay in Kailua for as long as I can remember. As kids, my mom would always bring home fresh-baked sweet bread on her way home from work. Otherwise, she surprised us with those decadent brownies – so huge, they required sharing.

Agnes’ also makes a great stop for coffee. Many customers swing by for a freshly-brewed cup of island java. As for pastries to go with that coffee? They’ve got plenty to choose from – cinnamon rolls, jelly donuts, scones, turnovers, I could go on forever. As obsessed as I am with Agnes’, I have not tried EVERY item on the menu. If I did, I would be 100 pounds heavier!

Although their shop sign boasts “Portuguese Bake Shop,” Agnes’ whips up delightful treats from all sorts of cultures, too. Over the years, I have seen baklava, manapua, pesto puffs and many more. The “Portuguese” can be found in the malasadas and breads.

Ahh, my mouth is watering as I write this. I really need to make a stop there the next time I’m on that side, but in the meantime, keep Agnes’ in mind the next time you’re craving malasadas or a sweet treat.


• 46 Hoolai St. Kailua, Hawaii 96734 • Opens Tues-Sat 6am-6pm, Sun 6am-2pm • 808-262-5367 •