Makiki Farmers Market Has Charm

Panoramic shot of the Makiki Farmers Market
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One word that comes to mind when I think of the Makiki Farmers Market is, cute.

Unlike the more popular ones at local community colleges, this market has a certain charm about it that keeps me coming back. You can find it in a small church parking lot. Vendors set up their tents around the perimeter, with a seating area in the center of it all.

The pocket-sized market is most known as a dinner spot. I believe there is one booth that sells fresh produce, while everyone else sells food. From Filipino to Thai food, the market manages to cover a broad spectrum of eats despite how small it is. Olay’s Thai Food is becoming a fast favorite, as evident by the booth’s always-long lines.

It seems like every time we come here, I want to buy everything in sight. Or maybe it’s just that my tummy knows it is dinner time. Whatever the case, I somehow manage to control my urge to splurge. I really like the Thai food, but because I’m not into waiting, we usually get the spicy garlic chicken from the Filipino food vendor. So good!

Parking can be very limited, so get here early. Or, park at one of the side streets and walk down to the market. I’ve noticed that more and more people resort to double parking right outside, before quickly ordering a plate and leaving. Sort of like a drive-thru. The market is about a 15-minute drive from Waiiki; otherwise, it’s a nice dinner stop if you’re headed back to the hotel.


• Thursdays 430-7pm • St. Clement Church, 1515 Wilder Ave., Honolulu, HI 96822 • • 808-955-7745