Makani Kai Air Expands Flights

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With the support of the Molokai community, Makani Kai Air now offers five daily roundtrip flights between Oahu and Molokai. Before that, it was just two daily flights and one round trip on Sundays.

This is great news for the isolated island of Molokai, which has an airport too small for large planes. Makani Kai specializes in smaller turbine and twin-engine planes (nine passengers per flight). The carrier also operates Makani Kai Helicopters.

Visitors will also benefit from this increase in daily flights, as a more affordable way to island hop. Flying on a smaller charter plane is much simpler, too. Passengers can bypass TSA security and hop right on to the plane.

The airlines recommends people arrive just 15 minutes prior to departure; yes, 15 minutes. That’s because Makani Kai terminal is located on the other side of Honolulu International Airport and away from the congestion. Plus, parking is literally right at the terminal.

As a bit of a warning for you passengers who get nauseous easily, riding a turboprop can get a little bumpy. They’re so small that even the slightest gust of wind will rock you, so hang on and take your Dramamine!


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