Macaroons, Cupcakes + More at Cake Works

A storefront display of various cakes and pies at Cake Works
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Apparently, macaroons and mini cupcakes are hot items at CakeWorks! I had stopped by the Honolulu bakery to inquire about wedding cakes one afternoon. During which time, at least five customers came and left with a box of those sweet treats.

I distinctly remember one guy coming in, asking specifically for the maroon macaroons for his girlfriend. I’m assuming that was her favorite color…How cute! That’s when I gave into temptation and ordered a few for myself. I am a HUGE fan of the baked confection and had to be the judge on this one.

The verdict? Delicious. I had scarfed down two macaroons before the cake coordinator had returned with price quotes. Hopefully I didn’t have any evidence of macaroon in my teeth. They definitely are moist and full of flavor. I have tried macaroons that looked beautiful but tasted rather dry, so CakeWorks did a great job with their creation!

The bakery is about a five-minute drive from Waikiki, across from the Hawaiian Humane Society. CakeWorks has been there for about three years now; before that, another bakery sat in its place. I like cakewalks because they’re like a little cafe. In addition to macaroons and cupcakes, they serve cakes, cookies and coffee! There’s a cute patio area with tables and chairs to enjoy your treats.


• 2820 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96826 • • 808-946-4333 • Limited parking in front of bakery; otherwise, park across the street at the Humane Society.