Love Holistic Living? You Belong at the Wanderlust Festival on Oahu

Turtle Bay Resort
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I always wondered why I felt so much calmer and “in-tune” with myself in February — it must be residual “run-off” from the annual Wanderlust festival on Oahu every year!

The festival takes place at the Turtle Bay Resort February 23-26, and it attracts seekers, yogis, speakers, musicians, artists, chefs, meditation instructors and health practitioners who want to commune in peace and paradise. If you’re a traveler who leans toward the holistic, you belong there, too! Read-on to learn more about the festival that’s all about authentic living:

Yoga and Meditation Programs: As you can probably surmise, the Wanderlust festival on Oahu features an abundance of yoga and meditation programs. The festival offers classes for all levels and styles to keep your body and mind moving. Fill your days with invigorating vinyasa flow and relaxing yin classes, or branch out and try stand up paddle boarding or aerial yoga. Whichever way you flow, you’ll learn from the world’s best.

Wanderlust is an opportunity to getaway from it all and to lift your spirit.

Live Music and Entertainment: Our experiences range from DJ-powered yoga classes to acoustic musical mountaintop meditations to the electric main stage performances. Whatever your taste, you’ll enjoy artists you’ve loved for years and discover your next musical crush. Allen Stone and GRiz are two of the featured artists, but they’re just the tip of the iceburg. I should probably warn you the music is probably NOT your garden-variety pop-music — one of the featured artists is named Dub Mantra (you get my drift).

Hikes, Runs, Biking, and More: I may not be all about the yoga or the music, but any chance to hike Oahu’s beautiful North Shore, and I’m a convert! At this year’s Wanderlust festival on Oahu, you can take advantage of liberating trail runs, breathtaking mountain meditations, peaceful sunset hikes, and electrifying bike excursions. Bliss out on a stand up paddle board, or tear down the trails on a downhill mountain bike.

Speakeasy Talks: Are you on the journey to self-discovery? Do you enjoy listening to casual banter about important topics? Do you yearn to learn? If so, you’ll want to immerse yourself in the inspiring ideas of thought-leaders at a Wanderlust Speakeasy. The intimate and casual lecture series covers topics ranging from holistic health to progressive politics, from personal empowerment to community betterment — hosted voices leading the movement of mindful living.

The entire Wanderlust philosphy is to explore the world. Where better to start than Hawaii?

Local and Sustainable Foods: After a long day of nourishing the soul, you’ll need some healthy sustenance for your body. Hand-picked local food vendors offer a quick bite throughout the day, and the family style, Farm-to-Table dinner offers the pleasure of a delectable organic meal with friends.

Just writing this blog has made me a believer —  who COULDN’T use a reminder that we’re all in this together?! Visit the festival website for more information.


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