Locals Favorite: Prune Mui

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Pucker up for prune mui, a local snack that can be both sweet and salty but definitely refreshing

Prune mui is made with preserved prunes and apricots, but the “kick” comes from the loads of li hing mui that’s mixed right in. Some versions of prune mui have the entire li hing seeds, while others use the powder. No matter the blend, it will guarantee to be a mouth-watering treat, literally.

Now, don’t get me wrong, prune mui might not be something to everyone’s liking. I have a few friends who grew up in Hawaii but can’t really stand the sour taste that li hing brings. Therefore, they don’t really care for prune mui. But if you come across some at a local crack seed store, why not try it? After all, visiting new places should also mean trying the flavors! It has a distinctive taste that you won’t forget. It took me some time to get used to the sweet-sour taste that prune mui has to offer.

My grandma would make it for us, kids; our fingers and tongues stained with the deep-orange li hing color. But it wasn’t until I got older that I really started to crave that nostalgic taste. Now, whenever I come across a crack seed store, I buy a little baggie of prune mui. Most times, prune mui can be purchased by weight; however, many stores nowadays sell this snack in small containers or pre-packaged bags. They’re probably not the healthiest snack (because of all the li hing that’s lathered on) but definitely a tasty one that holds true to the island flavors.