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The imagination is a wonderful thing. It takes you places that you can only dream of, like flying the friendly skies and traveling the world as part of your day job. Now, children can dip into those creative thoughts by getting their hands on a new aviation exhibit sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines.

The exhibit at the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center in Honolulu lets the keiki (children) experience what it’s like to be a pilot or a flight attendant. They get to dress up in airline uniforms and play with interactive features, such as a check-in kiosk and in-flight service cart.

Hawaiian Airlines went all out when it came to replicating the airline experience. From the carpet to the seats, the airline carrier used materials distinctively associated with Hawaiian. Real aircraft components and video displays have also been included to simulate a “real” flight. Now that’s what I call attention to detail.

I wish they had these kind of exhibits when I was a kid. The Children’s Discovery Center is a gem in itself. Located near the Kakaako Waterfront Park, the center has so much for kids to explore – from playing dress up to making music. Learning has never been more fun for kids. I can’t wait to one day bring my children here, where they, too, can dress up as future jet-setters, like their mama!

Photo Courtesy: Hawaiian Airlines


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