Honolulu Airport To Get New Car Rental Facility

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Renting a car from the Honolulu International Airport will be a lot easier and require less of a commute once part of the $700-million renovation is complete.

All five rental car agencies will be consolidated into one facility, located in the main terminal area. This will allow travelers to hop off of their planes and go straight to the rental car facility, as opposed to taking a shuttle.

This is by no means a new concept; many airports on the mainland follow this system; however, it is new for the Honolulu International Airport, which currently has their rental agencies a ways a way from the main terminal.

There’s always an upside to everything and a downside. The downside in this situation would be less available parking, since the facility will take up about 1,000 parking stalls in the garage. Parking at the airport already seems pretty difficult, so I can imagine it being even worse in the coming years of renovation.

We will keep you posted on any other developments from this airport modernization project.


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