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It’s a happy ending after all for Maui, as the magic of Honolua Bay will be saved – forever. Lawmakers set aside millions of dollars to preserve the pristine bay known for big-wave surfing, snorkeling and ping.

Not too long ago, the story had been different. Commercial development threatened the sanctity surrounding the bay, particularly Lipoa Point. As one of the few areas of West Maui that has not been developed, the community saw a need to protect it. The Save Honolua Coalition rallied up a militia of supporters, getting thousands of signatures for a petition and submitting testimonies to lawmakers over the past year or so.

Their efforts proved to be fruitful. Local legislators listened to voiced concerns and in the end, decided on preserving Honolua with $20-million of state funding. The 280-acres of coastal lands frequented by surfers and beach-goers will now be protected for the public’s benefit.

There’s no doubt that Honolua has become a world-famous landmark – known for perfectly-peeling rights, crystal-clear waters and coral beds full of life. But beyond its beauty, Honolua is also a culturally and spiritually significant site for ancient Hawaiians – who believed h3ly in the value of malama aina (to take care of the land). Thus, the decision to preserve Honolua forever will fulfill those desires and allow it to be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come.


• Kapalua, Maui


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