Hold On To Your Hats!

Oman on the beach holding onto a hat
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You know that person at the beach, whose hat gets yanked from their head by a sudden gust of wind; or worse yet, the person with the ridiculously over-sized beach umbrella tumble-weeding across the sand?

That’s been me at one point or another; sprinting across the beach in pursuit of my windblown belongings (and dignity). But I have since learned to spare myself from embarrassment and unnecessary physical activity in a time of leisure by simply securing my items – even on those non-windy days. You never know when a strong gust will surprise you!

Some would say that wearing a hat on a windy day is a bad idea. I tend to disagree because although it’s windy, doesn’t mean it won’t be sunny, too. Protection from the sun should always be a priority, and if that means strapping a hat to your head, then so be it! Most beach hats come with strings that can be secured to your chin; otherwise, adjust your hat to the tightest notch.

As far as beach umbrellas go, well, I would avoid using them on those really windy days because they may become a hazard for other people on the beach. Imagine the damage a dramatically tumbling umbrella could do to someone’s eye! The metal spokes are awfully sharp and unassuming.

If there’s just a little bit of wind, then an umbrella would be fine. I would suggest buying or renting those umbrellas with straps. The straps can be anchored into the sand with metal weights, preventing it from turning inside out with one strong gust. In addition to the straps, make sure to bury the umbrella post in the sand. The larger the umbrella, the longer the post, so that shouldn’t be too difficult to secure.

If you rather avoid the hassle of a beach umbrella all together, then seek out shade from a nearby tree or beach pavilion. That would also be a sure bet you will stay dry, in case a passing shower sneaks up on you, too!


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