Hokulea Makes Worldwide Voyage

Hawaiian voyaging canoe the Hokulea sailing through a Honolulu bay
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Hawaiian voyaging canoe Hokulea plans to make history with a worldwide voyage by 2017. The crew and her sister canoe, Hikianalia, will sail more than 45,000 nautical miles to 28 countries and 85 international ports.

The first stop? Hawaii, of course!

Crew members from both canoes have been making their rounds throughout the Hawaiian Islands; a total of 1,000 miles that will also be used as final training before their voyage to the South Pacific in May. Each of the 30 stops across the state focus on connecting with the local community through educational outreach.

Bruce Fisher just spotted the two Hawaiian voyaging canoes in his backyard. Hokulea and Hikianalia spent a few days at Maunalua Bay, greeted by paddlers, boaters and surfers. He even got a video of the crew demasting to fit under the bridge! Check out the video below:

The voyage focuses on a vision to “Malama Honua,” or “Care for the Earth.” Members will map out a new course toward sustainable practices for food and energy. They hope to share Hawaii’s knowledge and skills with the rest of the world, while bringing back what they learned from other countries. But again, the journey starts here in the islands.

I have been especially excited about this voyage because I know a few people on board. My friends have been working with lead navigator Nainoa Thompson for several years now, so I’ve been able to follow their experiences via social media. Needless to say, I am so proud of them for making it this far and for being selected to travel to Tahiti in May!