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Shop at home From your TV, your computer or in even in person.

I bet you didn’t know that Hawaii has its own local shop at home’ program on the local TV station OC16. Well it took me a while to learn this too. Mainly because the actual program is on basically once a day, at different times of the day, and airs on channel OC16, which does only locally produced programming.

Your Hawaii hotel probably does not have this channel in its cable offering, but if you are staying where you can get internet or basic cable, you can do some shopping! Actually this enterprise allows for several shopping options and their product line is outstanding!

The hosts, Laurie and Wayne Nunez, own the business and personally demonstrate the products, many times with its artist, maker or distributor. While it’s an excellent source of unusual local products, they also carry popular international products that sell well in the islands. As with most shopping channels, items shown range the gamut of price, and what I saw as the most expensive were custom designed and painted surfboards to eye popping works of art in the jewelry line. And they have sales and specials.

Showcase Hawaii products: aloha umbrella, Gyotaku Fish print, various jewelry

So let me get you started on how to check this version of Hawaiian shopping out as they’ve made it accessible in a number of ways. First, of course, is to catch it on TV. The program runs about 30 minutes and usually showcases just a few items. The hosts have an easy style and are obviously enthusiastic about the products. You can also browse and order items from their website. Product categories are listed on the left. On the right is a link to view previous episodes on the web via the Oc16 TV web site.

If you are here on the island you can actually see a shop full of their products in person at the gift shop of the Hawaii State Art Museum on Hotel street.

(left) Peeking into the gift shop (right) exterior of museum.

The items in the gift shop are only the items made in Hawaii. I had a good time browsing and being able to see these items IRL. And no preordering necessary. Just like any other gift shop. But what’s cool is that if, again, you are on the island and you order something off the TV show or the internet, you can request a gift shop pickup instead of having it shipped. I can see that if you shop online prior to arriving on the island, like say for a surfboard, dress or umbrella, just tell them and then pick it up on arrival to enjoy while you are here and then take it home. Give this Hawaii channel a chance and see products you might not find in other stores.


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