Hawaiian Airlines Offers More Legroom

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Forget about First Class seating; Hawaiian Airlines offers something even better than that. Extra Comfort seating gives passengers more legroom and other amenities to enhance their Hawaii travel experience.

But how much extra does it cost? Tickets for these special seats start at $40 and will be offered on North American and international routes. As for those extra amenities, Hawaiian promises five more inches of legroom, electrical outlets to charge personal electronics and complimentary on-demand in-flight entertainment. Those flying internationally in Extra Comfort seating get a souvenir pillow and blanket, as well as premium meal selection.

I would say that the extra $40 is well worth the added benefits! If you’re like me, sitting in a cramped area for six-plus hours just won’t cut it, especially on those red-eye flights when all I want to do is sleep. I will doze off here and there but never really feel rested after having to reposition myself throughout the flight.

The extra space would allow me to curl up in my seat without getting a stiff neck, AND best of all, get a full night’s rest. Because I am always writing (whether for this blog or some of my other writing gigs), having a fully-charged iPad is a must! If I am lucky enough to score a freed-up outlet at the airport gate, I usually post up next to one so that I can charge all of my devices. Otherwise, I’m stuck with a dead load on the flight.

The next time we fly international on Hawaiian Air, I will most definitely consider getting Extra Comfort seating. Most flights are at least 10 hours, which means passengers not only get tired but hungry too. I’m sure the premium menu items sound much better than economy-class food or food purchased at the airport hours ago.

About 40 Preferred Seats on the Hawaiian Airlines A330 aircraft will be converted to Extra Comfort seats in June 2014 and be available to passengers thereafter. Passengers may choose to upgrade while booking online or upon check-in at the airport.