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While travel trends come and go, one looks like it has some real staying power.

Electric vehicle (EV) cars have been showing up in droves to rental companies throughout the nation – including here in Hawaii. Joining an already growing fleet of plug-in hybrid cars, EV rentals make it even easier for travelers who want to not only save the environment but also save gas money.

Tourists visiting Oahu, Kauai and Maui now have the option to rent fuel-efficient vehicles but must be willing to pay a little extra. The price to rent a standard hybrid on Oahu for a week would be about $382 with tax. The price for a standard non-hybrid would cost about $347 with tax. These price quotes would be for the end of October and come from Enterprise, which also offers intermediate electric cars, full-size hybrids and sport utility hybrids (the most expensive).

And with prices at the pump looking dismal by the day, many travelers nationwide choose to drive green, according to a USA Today article. In fact, if 100,000 customers took this route, then that’d offset more than 30-million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Incredible!

Even Hawaii hotels have been taking a more eco-friendly approach to accommodate their guests by installing charging stations on their properties. This includes Maui’s Four Season, Marriott, Sheraton and Westin hotels, as well as Oahu’s Sheraton Waikiki hotel. The Grand Hyatt and Mariott resorts on Kauai also provide stations for guests to plug in. So far, I haven’t found any Big Island car rental companies or hotels that offer these eco-friendly options, but I’m sure a fleet will be on its way soon!

Photo Courtesy: Enterprise Fleet Management


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