Hawaii Photography at Haleiwa Arts Fest

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The annual Haleiwa Arts Festival celebrates creativity and persity in the islands on Oahu’s famed North Shore. From photos to paintings, there is never a shortage of expression in the arts here.

Mike Krzywonski, an island-based photographer, is among the approximately 130 juried visual artists who continue to inspire and create at this exhibition. I personally admire his work because he is not afraid to step outside of the island bubble and into amazing places abroad.

Mike shares in the aloha abroad with his photos that document everything from Hawaii’s sunflower fields to a popular Utah national park. But his collection of close-ups in nature are among my favorites. Mike seems to have a creative eye for subtle details we tend to overlook.

I think I relate most to him as an aspiring photographer myself because he, too, started with a film camera. Of course, mine wasn’t really anything special, but it is what got me hooked to the art of taking photos. Today, I have a much more legit version of a film camera, a Pentax K1000, and so far, I am loving it!

In addition to island nature photography, Mike captures images of severe weather in the Great Plains. Quite appropriately, he was featured on a local morning show that dubs itself, “The Severe Weather Station.” That’s where I first heard about him and saw his works. He did not need to do much explaining because his collection of photos seemingly spoke a thousands words on its own.

Photo Courtesy: Mike Krzywonski Photography Facebook Fan Page


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