Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival

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Because Hawaii is surrounded by an ocean filled with so many wonderful things, it is no wonder we host a fishing and seafood festival every year.
The Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Fest happens in October at Pier 38. Packed with 100 different vendors, workshops, and cooking demos, the event strives to promote awareness and safety of the ocean. Kids look forward to the fishing vessel tours and have fun watching the action-packed fishing demonstrations as well.

While the Sunday festival is usually the main event, there are a few other happenings related to the festival, such as “Fishing for Hawaii’s Hungry” and “Sea-To-Me Tasting Night.” The first event is a two-day trolling tournament, while the second is a grazing dinner. Both benefit Hawaii Community College (HCC) culinary programs.

The festival is free free free! So is the parking (valet included) and shuttle services provided at HCC. It’s all thanks to the wonderful nonprofit who hosts the fest. Pacific Islands Fisheries Group provides a network to keep fishermen informed about what’s going on in the community, as well as supports program relating to Hawaii’s marine resources.

Like many other places in the Pacific, the ocean is a way of life. Some families depend on it for food, while others look to it for fun (surfing, swimming). The ocean provides an array of benefits that has sustained many cultures for decades. And if we continue to take care of such precious resources, the ocean and land will keep on giving.


• Every October on Oahu • www.hawaiifishingfestival.com