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On January 29, Hawaii Aloha Travel published a blog entitled “All Clear! No reported Coronavirus cases in Hawaii”. At the time of its publishing, the information the blog contained was entirely accurate based on all available information from city, state and federal agencies. The post has since been removed to prevent any confusion travelers may have about their Hawaii vacation and COVID-19.

The situation has changed since January 29, rapidly, and it continues to change with each passing day. Many of our friends and clients around the world are faced with uncertainty about travel to the Aloha State due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Hawaii Aloha Travel is committed to keeping you informed about how the coronavirus may affect your Hawaii travel plans.

At the time of this post, 4:15pm, Saturday, March 21, Hawaii’s Governor Ige has announced a mandatory, 14-day quarantine for all incoming international and domestic air passengers to Hawaii beginning at 12:01am Thursday, March 26. This mandatory quarantine applies to all incoming passengers, visitors and residents alike.

The 14-day mandatory quarantine is intended to dissuade travel to Hawaii and will remain in effect until further notice. The order is delayed until Thursday in order to allow visitors to change their Hawaii travel plans.

Governeor Ige’s order is the first of its kind in the United States. Hawaii’s public and private sectors are bracing for a precipitous drop in Hawaii arrivals and expect a profound negative impact on the economy of the Aloha State. Hawaiian Airlines has announced a dramatic reduction in the number of available inter-island flights as well.

We rely on information provided by relevant and reliable news agencies and at every level, from local to international reportage across civil, state, federal, and international agencies. Our team is monitoring the situation carefully. While we are not an authority on the spread of the pandemic, we are keenly attuned to the ways in which travelers to Hawaii may be affected by the developments in real time.

This is why we are offering assistance to any and all travelers to Hawaii. Whether it be questions about hotels reservations, flight statuses, vehicle rentals or any other basic needs travelers have, Hawaii Aloha Travel and our team are offering free consultation to anyone with Hawaii travel plans. This service is offered to all Hawaii travelers at zero cost, whether you are a Hawaii Aloha Travel client or simply a traveler confused by rapid changes within the travel and accommodations sectors here in Hawaii.

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Many users of online booking companies like Expedia and others may now face cancellations and issues with travel insurance. While we may not be able to immediately solve the challenges visitors are facing, our experts are on hand to offer advice on how to navigate the quickly changing Hawaii travel market.

Hawaii Aloha Travel encourages you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. We remain devoted to the health and safety of our Hawaii visitors, and to ensuring you the Hawaii vacation you have planned or are hoping to make real.

We are offering this free consultation because we love Hawaii, we live and give Aloha, and we are Hawaii’s premier Travel experts. We are Hawaii Aloha Travel. We proudly offer our services and wish all our friends around the world the very best in these challenging times for travelers.