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Hawaii Five-0’s Scott Caan celebrated his 36th birthday yesterday (Aug. 23). In Hawaiian, we’d wish him a happy birthday by saying, “Hauoli La Hanau!” Some fans, like Nandra, expressed her wishes to the actor via YouTube. Dressed in a bright pink T-shirt with “OMG” on the front and a giant pink and black bow, the teen goes above and beyond by writing him a special birthday song to which she also sings/dances.

A Five-0 fan wishes Scott Caan happy birthday.

“I turned on CBS TWO, Monday around nine-oh-TWO, and I said oh-em-gee WHO is that gorgeous guy?” Nandra sings in the now viral video, while shaking her hips side to side. The song is written to the popular hit song, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. The teen’s facial expressions and hand motions throughout the song are hilarious! She’s even got the surfing stance down, too: “We should go surfin’… and hangout maybe!”

I just love seeing the things fans do for their favorite celebs. Nandra’s video is cute! Other fan gestures to celbs, however, can be not-so-cute. Kinda creepy, in fact. LOL. We can’t miss the two photos of Scott posted on the wall behind Nandra, to which she points at toward the end of her birthday video. And of course, every fans’ hope is that their celeb crush will see the video. Which is very likely the case for Nandra. Five-0 director Peter Lenkov re-tweeted the video link yesterday.

The traditional “Happy Birthday” song actually holds a special place for Scott. He was one of the celebs asked to sing the song for an American Cancer Society commercial. The song is a victory song for the 11 million cancer survivors celebrating birthdays. And with the third season of Five-0 around the corner fans will soon be singing those famous three words to Scott: “Book ‘em Danno!”


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