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There are so many hashtags to describe Hawaii: #Paradise #surfsup #H50 #ocean #volcano #aloha #waikiki #lava

The list goes on. But definitely the most popular in hashonomy analytics is the hashtag for Hawaii itself (#Hawaii). There’s no place quite like this piece of paradise in the Pacific, so every Instagram or Tweet makes the islands just that much more legit. Or rather, just that much more tantalizing to the millions of eyes around the virtual world hoping to make it out here one day.

Although I live in Hawaii, I totally get it. Those dreamy photos of sunsets and mountainscapes, humpback whales and shave ice flooding your feed. It can be downright teasing! To be honest, I feel that way when I’m stuck inside working. I’ll take a quick mental break on Facebook – only to see how sick the waves are or how nice the weather is outside. Ahh, the power of hashtags.

Hashtags can be an especially powerful tool for visitors. That’s where you’ll find out about any local business promotions, sales, free giveaways. Social media is also the go-to place for upcoming events or the latest happenings. There’s just so many benefits to those funky little icons, so ride the #hashtag wave in Hawaii and join in on the #Hawaii conversations now!


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