Happy World Tourism Day 2013

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In Hawaiian, wai means water. An important element in nature that has sustained cultures across the world for centuries. That’s why World Tourism Day 2013 (today) celebrates the source of it all under the theme: “Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future.”

The theme raises a very vital question of how tourism plays a role in water access and sustainability. In Hawaii, tourists are surrounded by water – whether from the mountains or the ocean. While we may not necessarily drink these waters, it is crucial to take care of both.

We can do this by picking up trash; not only at the beach or on a mountain trail but in the streets as well. Most times, inland litter ends up in the ocean by way of storm drains. Even picking up one or two pieces of trash a day would be greatly appreciated. Some tourists participate in volunteer opportunities, such as beach clean-ups, too.

The official World Tourism Day event takes place in The Malpes. However, there should be plenty of other celebrations worldwide. Follow the conversation on Twitter (@#WTD2013). What an exciting day to celebrate.

Happy World Tourism Day!