Happy New Year from Hawaii!

A cloudy day at a beautiful Kauai beach
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As the new year is welcomed across the world, we pause to share the spirit of aloha with readers of the Hawaii Vacation Blog. This year marked the addition of new voices from three regular contributors. Here are their holiday greetings from the Hawaiian Islands of Kauai, Oahu and Hawaii (Big Island).

I celebrated my first Hawaiian Christmas in Kauai and it was full of contrasts. Instead of driving through the frigid snow-blown plains of Colorado to my brothers house, we drove down winding jungle roads past waterfalls and lush vegetation to a friends house. Instead of ham we had mahi mahi, instead of potato gratin we had a gratin made with taro, the ancient Hawaiian staple poi is made from. I was surprised by the warmth and sunshine this time of year in Kauai offers. Being from Colorado, Christmas always brought cold, snow, cold, and had you scurrying inside for warmth and pine scented trees. Despite the contrasts in weather, the warm human spirit of the season was abundant and I enjoyed the aloha spirit amplified during the holiday season. As they say in Hawaii Hauoli Makahiki Hou, Happy New Year from Kauai and mahalo for your comments, I love interacting with you!

— Marta Lane

It seemed like a miracle that the sun came out Christmas day and it was warm and wonderful weather.
I spent the morning out on the water off Lanikai beach, kayaking to the mokeloa islands, along with countless other locals and visitors. The surf was unusually high for this break and there must have been 100 people in the water enjoying the swell. Upon returning to Lanikia beach, a local family had set up two decorated trees and invited everyone to use it for pictures. This same family played guitar and sang popular holiday and hawaiian music, which everyone in earshot enjoyed. The beach was just overflowing with Christmas wishes and what made it so special for me was to hear visitors express how this had to be one of their bests Christmases ever. I love it when people love Hawaii.

— Katherine Finch

One of the best things about getting a mid-December snow on Mauna Kea here on the Hawaii’s Big Island is that when mainland friends and family start sending texts and emails with photos of their “White Christmases” I can send back an “Us Too!” message. Even though it was a cloudy weekend, we had enough glimpses of the remaining snow on the summits that we could go to sleep on Christmas Eve knowing it was still a White Christmas on the Big Island this year.
As the old year passes fast away, I hope you all have a healthy and prosperous New Year filled with joy and happiness.

— Cynthia Hoskins

If 2011 brings you to our islands, welcome! If not, please continue to join us for a virtual Hawaii vacation. A day filled with aloha is a good day, whether you are in Hawaii, remembering your visit or hoping for one in the future. Aloha!


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