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There’s an app for everything, especially for Hawaii travelers. Whether it be exploring historic landmarks or finding a festival, you’re bound to benefit from all those handy Hawaii apps out there.

Here’s a few I’ve found to be helpful for Oahu travel, starting with our Hawaii Aloha Travel app.

1- Hawaii Aloha :: mobileroadie.com/apps/hawaiialoha

Learn about Hawaii from the perspective of people in the tourism industry, who – most importantly – live here in the islands. You’ll get insight and info not covered in travel books or on the internet but rather from people in Hawaii. Hawaii’s experts.

2- Honolulu Map and Walking Tours :: https://can-do.honolulu.gov/apps/11

From Honolulu’s Capitol district to Waikiki Beach, use this app for self-guided tours of Oahu. In addition to step-by-step directions, the app provides photos and background information on these places of interest.

3- TheBusHEA :: hea.thebus.org

This web-based app will be your ticket to navigating Oahu’s bus system. TheBusHEA makes it easy for users to search scheduled routes from their smart phones or tablets. This saves a lot of time when travelers are in a pinch for time.

4- Festivals of Hawaii :: https://can-do.honolulu.gov/apps/5

A trip to Hawaii just isn’t complete without a festival. From film feasts to wine galas, this app will help you find a festival on any island during anytime of the year. I like this particular festival app because it’s easy to search through the more than 100 events by simply typing in a topic or date.

5- GoAkamai :: https://www.goakamai.org/Home.aspx

Believe it or not, Hawaii has its share of traffic. But you can easily avoid that by planning ahead or being akamai, which in Hawaiian, means “smart.” I use GoAkamai right before hitting the roads. It’s nice because I can view real-time traffic cameras from my phone or from my computer at home. The app is a new travel tool designed to make your commute easier and help you to be “akamai” on Hawaii’s roadways.


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