Google Takes Visitors to Hawaii Trails

Smoke and light rises from Halemaumau Crater
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From stunning underwater panoramas to yet another picturesque endeavor, Google will be giving new meaning to its Street View feature when it adds a hiker’s view of Hawaii trails.

The Street View application already gives web users a from-the-ground-level view of highways, streets and backcountry roads. However, with the Street View Trekker, users will be able to explore popular mountain hikes through their digital screens.

But before that happens, Google will rely on a Kona-based outdoor activity company to get the images. Guides from Hawaii Forest & Trail will take to more than 25 state-managed hiking trails around the Hawaii Island wearing Google’s Trekker equipment. This is the first time images will be collected by an outside partner.

So if you’re hiking any of the popular Hawaii Island trails this summer, like Akaka Falls State Park, Pololu Valley and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, don’t be surprised if you see a group of hikers wearing huge blue globe-like devices. Within those devices are 15 mini cameras that capture images every two seconds.

Eventually, the Trekker project will expand to Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Lanai and Molokai hiking trails. The first images captured on the Hawaii Island will begin appearing on the Street View app by the end of 2013.


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