Godzilla in Hawaii

Godzilla lazers a building
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Godzilla will be reeking havoc in Hawaii when filming of the sci-fi remake gets underway this summer. But it won’t be hidden in jungle settings, according to local news reports; filming will mostly be in public areas, where we’ll have no problem seeing the action.

Because the monster is obviously computer-generated, we won’t be seeing him around town; just people acting with an imaginary character. I would imagine it’d be difficult to be an extra on a set like this. A couple of my friends auditioned for the open casting call in Honolulu recently. They were among 2,000 others who showed up to get their chance at fame.

The original “Godzilla” was a Japanese film that first debuted in 1954. It’s been on TV shows and in comic books since then and even on Kauai and Oahu in the 1990s for another movie appearance.

This remake already started filming in British Columbia. Actors like Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ken Watanabe, who starred in “The Last Samurai,” will be in this movie.

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