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Here’s another Hawaii coffee find to get caffeinated on: Glazer’s Coffee, a 10-minute drive from Waikiki and a couple doors away from Tea Farm Cafe. It’s always nice to slow down a busy Hawaii vacation agenda with a coffee shop like Glazer’s. You step inside and instantly feel mellowed by the smooth acoustic jazz, as it warms the espresso-infused ambiance. Glazer’s reminds me of coffee shops on the mainland but with a local twist.

Feels like home at Glazer’s Coffee.

From outside, Glazer’s is a long tinted window intricately decorated with peculiar white drawings that fronts King Street. Inside, it’s homey – dark wooden floors, warm lighting and hodgepodge wall art. Old-fashioned film cameras line the countertop and accent Glazer’s with a bit of a vintage hipster feel. I liked the pinned-up polaroids and film printouts showing some of the regular customers. They gave me the impression that Glazer’s has and will continue to be a mainstay in the aging community around University Avenue, despite its changing neighbors and the evolving economy.

With art so apparent in Glazer’s decor, it’s not surprising that the baristas get crafty with their caffeinated canvases. Many, like myself, come here for the cute coffee art they’ll find in their cups. The barista that made a flower design for me on one of my visits said they do most designs free-handed, inspired by whatever comes to mind. Although, I secretly wonder if they base it off of your personality during that split second of interaction at the register. Regardless, it’s always fun watching the Picassos at work as they carefully drizzle mocha on the foamy surface before using a tiny toothpick to manipulate it into chocolatey formations.

A beary good cup of coffee, I’d say. Latte art at its finest.

I usually get the mocha valencia, which is a mocha with a hint of orange syrup. It’s so good when it’s made right, but unfortunately, as with most coffee shops, the cup of joe you get all depends on the barista you get. For me, it’s been a hit or miss – sometimes I taste the orange; other times, I don’t. Usually, they’re really cool about people bringing their cups back if the coffee doesn’t taste right because, according to them, they “strive for perfection in every cup…” Speaking of cups, they have an eclectic collection from Betty Boop to the Hawaii Five-0 film crew.

The artists at work, getting crafty with caffeine.

The coffee shop prides itself on its flawlessly-prepared espresso drinks, which might be why there is a small selection of baked goods. Mostly, you’ll find hot and cold drinks for the coffee or non-coffee drinkers. Glazer’s uses organic, free trade arabica beans that have been shadow-grown. Get to know the coffee artists and drinkers of the city, in what many describe as “the living room of Downtown Honolulu.”

GLAZER’S COFFEE • 2700 S. King St., D101, Honolulu, HI 96826 • Opens Mon-Thurs 630am-11pm, Fri 630am-9pm, Weekends 9am-11pm • • Free or street parking; near bus route


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