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Fringe Fest performer in Hawaii
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When I first heard about Oahu’s Fringe Festival, I had to look up the term. Fringe, to me, implied a type of bikini with stylish adornments. But thanks to collegiate academia way back when, I recalled the secondary meaning to the term fringe: “not part of the mainstream; unconventional.”

Of course, that did not quite answer my curiosities about this upcoming festival, so I looked it up and discovered that it actually originated in Scotland in 1947 and has since spread across the globe as a way to promote freedom of expression in various forms of media, including theatre, music, dance and multimedia.

A Fringe Festival in Hawaii totally makes sense!It’s a way to present the islands’ unique multicultural ways into one unique festival. For the past three years, the Oahu Fringe Festival has been a part of Chinatown’s revival. The arts district hosts the series of events throughout November. These include a drag show, belly dance, storytelling and hula.

An eclectic mix of performances for the willing because, according to promoters, “no two Fringe Festivals are alike;” however, they do all have the “fringe spirit.” So get into the spirit and enjoy as Hawaii’s originality comes out on stage.


• November of every year • Chinatown, Oahu •

Photos Courtesy: Oahu Fringe Festival Fan Facebook