Flying into Kapalua Airport on Maui

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Ever think about flying into Kapalua West Maui Airport? Just like flying into Hana Maui, flying into Kapalua West Maui Airport is another great airport to consider when traveling to Maui for a Hawaii vacation.

On the way in or out you will not only see that former capitol of Hawaii, but you will also get to see a ton of interesting stuff! When I fly into Kapalua West Maui Airport I always see water falls and even sometimes see hikers marching up the West Maui Mountains. Just like flying in and out of Hana, you may even get to have your own whale watching time from your plane seat. You can also see the surfers out in the water. You will also get to see the historical Lahaina/Ka’anapali and Pacific Rail Road (aka The Sugar Cane Train) puffing along. During Lahainaluna High School’s graduation you can see the historical L burning bright. I love flying into Kapalua period. You will get a feeling of landing in a part of Hawaiian History.

Kapalua West Maui Airport has a medium sized terminal building with air conditioning. There is a small restaurant and bar there and vending machines are available. All major and some local car rental companies have courtesy phones available in the luggage claim to call for a shuttle. The luggage claim is located outside the main terminal.

Just like at Hana Airport, the pilot and co-pilots will unload and drive over the luggage to you. You may even get greeted by a local Maui hula dance group performing out in the luggage claim and get a free lei from them. At Kapalua West Maui Airport, the airline staff will open the luggage cage for you so you can get your bags and get on with your Maui adventure. A small local floral shop has a lei stand so you can buy a lei for your arriving guests or as a welcome to Maui gift for yourself. All the local commuter airlines have counters there, just like at Hana East Maui Airport. The Airport has one TSA and one USDA Security Check point on site. The airport has paid parking and 24/7 Security/Police Patrols. Even Maui County Police patrol the parking lots at times.

The thing I like the most of this airport is you get to be inside the terminal to chat with your friends or loved ones before they fly on out. All they have to separate the sterile area from the non sterile area is a bunch of ropes and a bunch of planter boxes so you get to chat with your friends longer.

Airport Tips:

Parking Lots:

-Check your surroundings

-Lock your rental or personal vehicle (use your hotel/condo safety deposit for valuables)

-Inventory what is in your rental or personal car


-Check your surroundings again

-Make sure to have your ID with you

-Double check you have everything before boarding your flight

-When using the restrooms take everything with you.