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Hawaii Five-0 fans know to keep an eye on the “EYE” signs that pop up all over town. It means their favorite celebs could be nearby filming for the hit CBS television series. And if lucky enough, they’ll get a glimpse of the actors – either coming out of their trailers or acting on set in a public area.

You’ll be seeing these around now that H50 actors are back to work.

The notoriously yellow “EYE” signs actually stand for Eye Productions, Inc., a local company producing the series. The words “EYE-EYE” are encased within a giant arrow pointing in the direction of crew parking. Being on an island makes it easier for fans to find these signs, especially because of how quickly word travels. I remember how much of a spectacle it had been when the giant ship of Pirates of the Caribbean filmed in Kaneohe Bay for a few weeks. What a treat for the fans!

I happened upon the sign the other day at the entrance to the Manoa Valley District Park, and sure enough – at the opposite end of the park – a cluster of white trailers rested. The official Hawaiian blessing had taken place there, with executive producer Peter Lenkov and actors Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett), Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly) and Michelle Borth (who plays McGarret’s love interest). Apparently there was some talk of a lot of “bromance” in this upcoming season three. We’ll see what that’s all about when the show continues in September.

Trailer city in Manoa Valley District Park for the H50 crew.

In the past, I happened to be nearby when the H50 crew was filming at Ala Moana Beach Park. I even got close enough to take a few pictures with my phone. Many times they film in public areas; otherwise, it’s inside of the Diamond Head Theatre or another indoor set. If you do get within viewing distance of your favorite actor, please keep in mind that this is a production, so resist the urge to scream out their name or applaud. That may get you in trouble! Instead, enjoy the behind-the-scenes experience and watch as Hollywood meets Hawaii.


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