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As Five-0 heads into its third season, the show’s stars aren’t only stoked to be filming in the islands again, but they’re stoking on the surf. Actors Scott Caan (Danny Williams) and Alex OLoughlin (Steve McGarrett) quickly discovered this to be one of the many perks to island living, making an effort to squeeze in a surf sesh here and there when they’re not on set.

Can the Caan surf? Here’s the ‘Five-0’ actor rocketing by longboarders at Malibu last year.

Not to mention, Caan rips! He’s a real-life surfer dude who picked up the hobby back home in Cali. I saw a video of him surfing an old-school Hawaiian alaia board, which is tricky to ride because of its thin make and lack of skegs. Watch him shred Malibu on the alaia: https://surf.transworld.net/1000129072/news/actor-scott-caan-ripping-an-alaia/. The L.A. native has also been helping victims with spinal chord injuries get back into the surf. The Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation honored him last year for his support in and out of the water.

O’Loughlin, on the other hand, just recently dabbled into the surfing realm again. He gave up on it as a teen after a close call with some big waves. That’s why there’s some truth behind one of his lines in last night’s episode, when he and Caan try to pry answers out of the sarcastic old man named March August. As the three overlook the pumping south shore surf from Kakaako, March strays from the conversation and mentions he regrets not learning to surf. To which O’Loughlin responds, “It’s never too late to start.”

The Aussie hunk is no hypocrite either; rather later in life – at 34 years old, O’Loughlin finally conquered his fears and has been spotted surfing breaks near his Honolulu home, at Diamond Head and Tongs. But when the surf’s up on the North Shore, he’s charging Velzyland. Perhaps this is also how he met his girlfriend and mother of his soon-to-be child, Malia Jones. The local model and former professional surfer comes from h3 lineage of surfers. You might have noticed the whole Jones gang at the red carpet event last month. How could you miss their sun-bleached hair and glistening smiles? (Their dad’s a well-known dentist in the islands). Malia’s brothers, Daniel and Mikala, are champion surfers that live on the North Shore. Hopefully they’ve already given O’Loughlin a few surfing pointers.

“I’ve got my work cut out for me,” O’Loughlin said in a Men’s Fitness interview last year. “But I’m doing okay. Progressing…slowly.”

He goes on to say that he prefers working out in the mountains or the ocean, as opposed to being confined to a gym. Surfing, in particular, has been “tricky” but “changed his life.” And with the moral support from friends and co-stars, like Caan who say he’s progressing “on a very advanced level,” O’Loughlin seems to be riding a wave to surfing success.

Photo screenshot from Transworld Surf video clip


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