“Five-0″ Actress Taryn Manning in Trouble with Law

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We all know little sisters can throw tantrums from time to time. I have three older brothers, so I speak from experience (teehee). But whoa! Seems like the actress who plays Steve McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) kid sister on Hawaii Five-0 went a bit overboard.

Taryn Manning

Actress Taryn Manning wasn’t actually on the Five-0 set; instead she was in New York with her makeup artist Thursday working on a music video, according to TV Guide. That didn’t end as harmoniously as they’d thought nor were the two very much in tune; the 33-year-old actress spent the night behind bars for allegedly kicking and punching her makeup artist, the article states. The next morning didn’t get any better; she showed up to court for two misdemeanor charges for assault.

Young celebs seem to always be getting in trouble with the law, cough, Lindsay Lohan. But this instance’s a little more personal for Hawaii fans because we’ve seen her around town during the filming of Five-0. One of my friends met her and got her autograph. It’s just too bad when celebs make headlines for their wrong decisions.

And we’ll be seeing more of Taryn this third season. Mary Ann McGarrettt shows up just in time for the happy family reunion with Steve and their mama, who’s very much alive after presuming she was dead for decades. Five-0 originally announced Taryn’s character as a series regular when the show premiered two years ago. However, the plot ended up sending her character back to the mainland. We’ll see if her temper tantrum will have show execs send her off Five-0 for good…

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