Fitness at Diamond Head Crater

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At any given time of day, expect to see joggers, walkers, bicyclists, you name it – at the base of Diamond Head Crater. The iconic Oahu landmark has not only been made famous by its heavily-trotted hiking trail but also by its surrounding landscape that continues to challenge the physically-active.

Because of the high volume of pedestrians (mostly exercising or passing through), the state has since opened a pathway and outdoor gym on the crater’s exterior slope. The exercise park is named after Olympic decathlon gold medalist from Hawaii Bryan Clay and features a pull-up bar and other fitness equipment.

The pathway itself is a huge improvement. Prior to that, there was no sidewalk; otherwise, portions of it were narrow and very dangerous. I can attest to that first-hand. When I used to jog around the crater, I would have to run on the road to get to the next part of the sidewalk.

Across the street from the new outdoor gym is another area with exercise equipment. There’s also a restroom there. People like to use the equipment on this side because it is shaded and a lot breezier than the new park.

Hopefully, you will make time to explore Oahu’s outdoors, even if it just a simple stroll around the crater. There are always ways for visitors to stay active and have fun when in Hawaii. This is just one of many!