Film Fun in Hawaii

Film camera on a towel at the beach
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There’s something about the anticipation of waiting for film to develop that makes me feel like a kid again. Or more like, a kid with a new toy! It’s been such a thrill to play with this sweet, old-school Pentax I just got; I’ve been bringing it on all of my island adventures so far and loving it.

This isn’t my first film find, though; a polaroid, holga and now this little guy make up my happy little film fam. Film has always been special to me; it brings back wonderful memories of my childhood; if I wasn’t snapping away with those wind-up disposable ones, then I was most likely swimming around with the waterproof camera wrapped around my wrist.

To think that disposable cameras were considered advanced technology back then just blows my mind! In today’s digital society, we have been beyond-spoiled with high-tech point-and-shoots or high-resolution smartphone cameras. That’s another reason why I appreciate film. Shooting with film really requires the photographer to think about their next shot because, as opposed to digital, film is a one-shot deal, and you don’t want to waste a single exposure!

If you’re planning to bring a film camera to Hawaii, then here a few things you should know:

  • At airport security, ask to have your film and camera inspected separately so that they do not go through the x-ray scanner. This could possibly ruin your film, especially if it has an ISO higher than 400.
  • Hawaii is hot; don’t leave your film or film camera in a car or on the beach. The film will sizzle!
  • If you run out of film, then go to any Longs Drugs Store or Walmart for the best deals. Some specialty stores near touristy areas will jack up the prices.