Extreme Rope Swinging in Hawaii

Man jumping off of a tree with a rope swing in Manoa
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I swear my stomach turned every time someone in this video jumped. Titled “Epic Rope Swing,” the viral YouTube video shows a group of fearless inpiduals taking a leap of faith from the highest limb of a tree and into the depths of Manoa valley.

Check it out:

No matter how many times I watch this, my palms start to sweat! I guess that means I am afraid of heights or just too chicken to try it, but it was inspiring to see women taking part in this extreme sport, right alongside the guys! According to Andrew Agcaoili’s blog (the videographer who posted the clip), this 90-foot free fall stunt was by far their craziest.

I haven’t quite figured out the rope contraption yet. It looks like they’re jumping out of one tree and then swinging into another. Apparently, it took several days to construct the swing, so you know it must be pretty legit. I would hope so, anyway! Although, not sure how good those helmets will be if the rope snaps in half ):

Initially, I thought they had to climb the 90-foot tree (which is a huge undertaking in itself), but after reading Andrew’s blog, they figured out a pulley system to haul everyone up. How clever! He also wrote that they chose not to reveal where in Manoa this is or exactly how they constructed the rope swing – for obvious reasons.

The most impressive part? The guys doing backflips and front flips from the jumping spot. By far, some of the most ridiculously crazy stuff I have ever seen. Do not try this at home, but please watch and share their video!