Electronics on the Plane, OK!

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The verdict is in on using electronics while aboard airplanes, and the Federal Aviation Administration says, passengers won’t have to turn off all electronic devices anymore.

That’s right! From gate to gate, the new guidelines allows passengers to read, play games, listen to music and watch movies; however, they still cannot talk on cellphones during their flight.

This is great news for travelers, myself included! Since I am always on my iPad writing, it sure is nice not to have my “train of thought” interrupted by flight attendants doing their job. I’m sure the same goes for the gamer or music-lover, who can’t seem to put down their electronic device.

Call it a new-generation thing or just a movement in the direction of technology; the new FAA guideline has taken to heart what many travelers gripe about. And what they gripe about is their time cut short on technology! I’m sure the green light to use cell phones on the plane will soon be taken into consideration.

FAA says that this will not happen immediately and that it depends on the airlines to make that switch. Their flight attendants need to first be up to speed on the new procedures for stowing devices and safety announcements. I sympathize with my flight attendant friends, who already have so much to remember! Not to mention the numerous exams they study for periodically throughout the year.

The second most important thing for airlines to keep in mind? Properly protecting planes from electronic interferences. That requires some modifications and some time, so passengers must just wait patiently.

I am especially happy to hear that passengers will also be able to connect to the Internet, exchange emails and download data at 10,000 feet if the plane has a WiFi system installed. That means more blogging for me!