Double Rainbows in Haleiwa Town

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Not much has changed in the past 70 years for this famous Haleiwa landmark. While the Anahulu Bridge may not be a whole lot to look at, it goes way back in Hawaii history and serves a purpose as big as its double arches.

The bridge – now faded and covered in red dirt – marks the north-end entrance to this North Shore town. It’s been the gateway to tiny shops and boutiques, surf spots and shave ice for decades, and while these surrounding businesses came and went, the bridge remained.

Most people call it the Haleiwa Bridge or Rainbow Bridge because of its double-arch design that looks like those double rainbows Hawaii’s blessed with. The narrow two-lane crossing goes over the Anahulu River, where you’ll find stand up paddlers and kayakers below. Despite the “no jumping” signs, this has also become a popular leaping pad for youngsters.

Driving through it never gets old either. I love seeing passengers snapping shots of the bridge from inside of the car. Some pedestrians stand in the middle of the road to get a quick pic. Luckily, no one’s driving faster than 10 mph, so it’s a laid-back pace that reflects the laid-back nature of this town as well.

Honestly, it just wouldn’t be the same if the state ever did clean or paint the bridge. A shiny white bridge in the middle of a dust-covered town would be really out of place. Some things are just meant to stand the test of time (and red dirt) forever, I guess!


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