Do the Hula Pie Dance

Hula Pie on a plate from the Marriott
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Have you tried a hula pie yet?

It’s basically a slice of heaven on a plate, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with fudge. Did I mention that it is also packed with macadamia nut ice cream and sits on a crunchy chocolate cookie crust?

This is, by no means, an ad for the hula pie. I promise! Just an honest review about one of my favorite desserts in Hawaii. “Favorite” might be an understatement because like the hundreds of others who’ve devoured this sinfully-delicious slice over the past few decades, I quickly became OBSESSED with the hula pie.

The sweet treat originally came from Kimo’s, a restaurant in Lahaina, Maui, that describes it as something “the sailors swam ashore for in Lahaina.” Funny, but I would not doubt that to be true! The hula pie tends to have that lasting effect on all kinds of dessert lovers.

I first became enthralled with the hula pie at one of Kimo’s sister restaurants, Keoki’s on Kauai. Today, the hula pie can be found at various other restaurants around the islands, including Duke’s Waikiki. So you never have to travel very far to get your hands on some hula pie!

Here are a few things to make note of when devouring a slab of this spectacular pie:

– It’s BIG! Plan on sharing the slice with at least one other person, but even that might not be enough to mop up the ice cream mess. My fiance and I usually share but never seem to be able to finish it.

– Turn it on its side. The slice seems to be more like three slices combined. Don’t count on your fork slicing through the pie in one motion; it’s like five-inches tall, so it might take a couple hacks! Instead, turn it on its side and scoop at your leisure. A generous portion like that is definitely worth the $8.

– Savor the flavors. The best part of a hula pie has to be the blend of flavors. From the rich fudge sauce to the chocolate cookie crust, there’s seriously an ample supply of enjoyment for your taste buds.


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