DFS Galleria Unveils New Name

The entrance to the DFS Galleria in Waikiki
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To embrace the world traveler in its customer base, Galleria added a T to its name for a posher, more simplistic approach to shopping. T Galleria’s Waikiki store was among the first in the chain to make the change.

…A change that didn’t happen quietly. DFS Group kicked off the unveiling with a huge block party in Waikiki, complete with a red carpet, hula dancers and street vendors. After all, this particular store was the company’s first store outside of an airport. It opened over four decades ago when Gallerias were mostly found in airports, airplanes, ferries and cruise ships.

According to a statement, the T logo is simple, accessible and pronounceable to all; it resembles the notion of flight and movement. Oftentimes, purchases made before a flight must be picked up upon arrival – since many travelers buy specialty wines and other alcoholic beverages.

Galleria’s Waikiki store used to be known for its walk-through aquarium staircase. Manta ray, shark and colorful tropical fish swam around; however, DFS dismantled it in 2007. “The Tube,” as it was called, is so nostalgic for me. My parents would take us through there after eating dinner in Waikiki or visiting the zoo. We would get so excited just walking to the store because the aquarium is visible from the street as well.


• 330 Royal Hawaiian Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815 • Opens Mon-Sun 10am to 11pm • 808-931-2700 • www.dfsgalleria.com