Construction is in full swing at the Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club

A pool at Kauai Marriot
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The Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club is going through a major renovation but if you can tolerate a few inconveniences that shouldn’t keep you away from this great property. The work began on June 1st and includes over $50 million worth of refurbishments to entire property. The resort will remain open and construction will be performed in phases to minimize any impact on guests. Additionally, the hotel is offering “Discover Kauai” rates so this is your chance to get a 5 star experience at 3 star prices. “We’re excited about all the improvements we have in store for our guests,” said Elliot Mills, general manager of Kauai Marriott Resort. “While we undergo this transformation, we are still open and ready to serve guests with the service and hospitality they expect from a Marriott Resort in Hawaii.”

The property is expansive, with over 800 acres and includes a golf course on the premises. One of the wonderful things I love about this property is the protected shoreline that is home to the majestic Kalapaki Bay and is perfect for swimming. There are no renovations planned for this part of the property so you can enjoy it to its fullest extent. Additionally, the huge pool at the resort will remain open during construction.

There’s a wonderful halau (school) that holds practices on the property as well as the “Hawaii Alive” hula and Polynesian dance review that has regular performances. You can really get the sense of the local spirit of Kauai when you watch the hula performances. The last time I was on island I caught this Hula Halau and it brought tears to my eyes; very genuine and unique, one of a kind.

All of the 356 guest rooms will be completely redone by August 31st to reflect a more contemporary ambience, influenced by the tropical Hawaiian setting. The interior design concept includes a crisp, neutral palette with crimson accents, inspired by the red ginger plants throughout the resort’s lush gardens. Other upgrades include a flat screen television and modern bathroom fixtures and vanity.

I have had a couple of guests stay here already during the construction, all without incident and happy with the experience.